Europe’s biggest spring break event

For years, Zrce Beach has become the top Spring Break location in Europe. There are several spring break events at Zrce Beach. The Spring Break period goes from the end of May to the middle of June.

There are very big differences in the quality of Spring Break festivals. Some events have been very disappointing in the past! In other words: rip-off! is again cooperating with the Big Beach Spring Break and Spring Break Europe. In addition, we are organizing the Papaya Spring Break and the Beach.Bites.Beats Festival together with Papaya Club. So we are not totally neutral, but we want to give you an objective overview of the events as possible!

What should you take care off while booking a spring break?

Spring Break season: The Spring Break season starts at the end of May and ends with the Papaya Spring Break.

Price: Zrce is a top location. You should be careful with prices that are too cheap. It could be even more expensive when you get there. Normal prices for accommodation during the big Spring Break weekend (end of May) are around €35-50 per person in a flat and €70-110 in a hotel.

Shuttle-Bus: Is the shuttle bus from Novalja to Zrce Beach included in the festival package? Or can you book the shuttle bus cheaply? If not, you might be in for an expensive surprise.

Offer: We recommend booking a package including accommodation. This is usually much cheaper than the ticket only.

Travel: Plan your arrival early. Come to Novalja a few days before the festival. You’ll save yourself a lot of traffic jams, and you can already check out the locations.

Additional nights: Some events last 3 days + nights.  Big Beach Spring Break and Spring Break Europe are 4 days + nights. Beach Bites Beats lasts even a week! Check with the organizers early if you want to stay longer. After the Spring Break events, the accommodations are mostly empty and therefore cheap!

Tickets on the spot: The real festivals don’t let anyone into the festival locations for free. Book your ticket in advance, the prices are often cheaper. Attention: If several Spring Break events take place at the same time, you need an extra ticket for each event! 

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